What I’m listening to: Oncle Jazz by Men I Trust

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Ever since it was released in September, I’ve been listening to Oncle Jazz on repeat. Men I Trust has the perfect balance of relaxing and upbeat sounds to make this album great background listening for all occasions. There’s a certain level of pop brightness, simmered down to a laid-back and atmospheric Montreal sound, that makes this album appeal to all kinds of listeners while still maintaining its own dreamy D.I.Y. sensibilities.

The album compiles eight of the singles the band has released since 2017, along with sixteen new tracks for a substantial 71 minute runtime. While the original singles are still the catchiest tracks, the new music takes us deeper into the soundscape, drawing the listener into a world of synthy riffs and laid-back beats. The songs of the past two years have already secured the band a strong place as rising stars of the Canadian indie scene, with many of the music videos garnering two or three million views, but the album fills out their sound in a way we haven’t seen since 2015’s Headroom, with more consistency and confidence than in the more experimental angles of that album.

I’ve grown quite fond of the album art as well, and the cassette comes with the special treat of a lyric booklet that, while you might need a magnifying glass to actually read it, contains several bonus doodles of the charming little fellow from the cover. The cassette also emphasizes the symmetry of the album: the second side starts with “Fiero GT”, a shorter track with a spoken sample towards the end that mirrors the opening track, “Oncle Jazz”; and the penultimate track is an instrumental reprise of “Tailwhip”, which appears early in the album. The album is available on CD and vinyl as well, and whatever your medium of choice, this is a polished, feel-good album well worth diving into.

Listen or buy on Bandcamp

Stream the full album on Youtube

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